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A9385B74-AF75-414D-AA72-95B4C987854AWhen I think of winter, I think snow, cold, and warm layers. But the prospect of winter doesn’t exciting me too much. There are only so many thick chunky sweaters I can wear before I get bored. So, this winter, was all about the accessories and creating moments of happiness. I had so much fun putting together my Fall favorites edit, that I wanted share some of my winter favorites and things that have brought me joy! And the best part is, that many of these will transition to spring!


There has been a few stand out items I have added to my wardrobe this winter. The first is my Raspberry Beret, just like the one from a secondhand store, jk mine was from Nasty Gal! The beret helps elevate any outfit to make me look more stylish and put together. The beret is all about effortless style, so I just put in on my head, let it take its own shape and walked out the door. It is a great accessory for a winter day or even to help transition into early spring. I would suggest to get one in a color that coordinates with the majority of your winter items, for it was raspberry.


Another accessory I got was my white handbag that is inspired by Dior from Shein. First on all, I love the selection of handbags on Shein! There are some real gems, including this one. This handbag is beautifully structured with a touch of edginess. Adding in the pop of white makes any outfit look more high fashion.  I have been using it constantly and it has held up really well for such an affordable bag.


747BC778-965F-4B8F-9D67-F783CD3178C5C139B632-A883-416E-A8C6-728A23C27538Going along with the white theme, I love a winter white outfit or light neutral tones and this year I was able to make my fashion dreams come true when I found the perfect white sweater at TJmaxx. It is from Elie Tahari and it is covered in pearls. Styling this sweater with white pants is such an elegant and sophisticated look. Now that we are starting to transition into Spring it is also a perfect transition outfit while keeping you warm.

If you haven’t heard of HRH Collection, then you’re missing out! I’m kidding, but really it is such a fun and statement jewelry brand created by Alex who is an iconic Youtuber. She is so funny, real, and says exactly what we all are thinking. At the beginning of winter, I was fortunate enough to purchase a pair of earrings from her collection. They are small gold-filled hoops with 14k charms. I got an LV flower charm and a red heart charm. Alex has so many charms to choose from. By themselves, the hoops are classic pieces but mixing and matching different charms makes them contemporary and playful. I am so happy I added these to my collection, they are very good quality and a long-term investment piece.


There are a few beauty products that have been real game-changers this winter. My skin and lips get so dry because of the cold climate and the radiators in my apartment. At the start of winter, I was on the search for some good skin care products that would help while being budget friendly.

My first find was the L’Oreal Hydra Genius for Extra Dry Skin ($10). It can take a few minutes to sink in but it mixes nicely with liquid foundations. It has kept my skin soft and smooth all day which I love! I think this is a great product for someone with medium dry skin or if you need an extra boost of moisture for your skin in the winter, like me!


D80D9126-ECB3-48F3-846C-64D1D932AF24To make my moisturizer work even better, I also added an exfoliator to my skincare routine. I went to an old classic, St. Ives Apricot Scrub ($6). I know, such a throwback! But I had never used it as a teen, so I decided to see what the hype was about. I have been using it in the shower one to two times a week and it takes off any dry skin and leaves my skin primed for my moisturizer!

Another items that takes care of all my stubborn dry patches is the Cocolene Soothing Body Balm ($12 – 1 oz.). Cocolene is a North Caroline based brand focused on natural and organic products. I first discovered the brand at a trade show where I purchased the balm. I didn’t use it much until this winter, but when I did, I fell in love. The balm is scented with chamomile & calendula which gives it an herbal and spa smell. The balm melts with your body temperature so it glides over the skin. I have used it to take care of dry patches on my eyelids and hands and the next day, my skin is so much better. It also makes a great lip gloss giving you a beautiful shine. Overall this is a fantastic product.

Media & Content

I also wanted to share with you the content I have been loving this winter and that has been inspiring me in my fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

I have been enjoying listening to Podcasts the past few months either at work or when I go to the grocery store. Endless Thread has been a great one to listen to. Each episode, it explores stories found on Reddit from historical secrets to incredible adventures. I have learned so many interesting and random facts and I think it is a great way to pick fun stories to tell at parties.

One of my tried and true Youtubers I absolutely love to watch is Lydia Elise Millen. She is so gorgeous, elegant and fashionable. She shares high-end hauls as well as vlogs on her channel. Honestly, if you love fashion, luxury, and exquisite home décor, she is the one to watch.

A recent discovery on Youtube has been Sierra Schultzzie. She is so cute and a ray of sunshine, I absolutely love her. She is all about body positivity! She is relatable and creates a lot of videos on fashion challenges and testing new fashion brands. I can’t recommend her enough.

I hope you have enjoyed this Winter Favorites edit! I would love to hear about your favorite products for winter or any recommendations for spring.

If you are interested, you can find my Lifestyle Fall Favs HERE.


E25118F8-8532-4392-A89B-CE98042E08B6Winter Favs List
Raspberry Beret
White handbag
Winter white outfit/ sweater
HRH Collection hoop earrings and Lucky Charms (and Youtube Channel)
L’Oreal Hydra Genius for Extra Dry Skin
St. Ives Apricot Scrub
Cocolene Soothing Body Balm
Podcast: Endless Thread
Youtube: Lydia Elise Millen
Youtube: Sierra Schultzzie




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