At-Home Dip Powder Nails Review

fullsizerender-1.jpgIt feels so good having a fresh set of nails. But getting your nails done at a salon can add up! Unfortunately, I have found that many drugstore nail polishes chip very quickly! Please someone, help our nails!

Luckily, all that changed when I went into my local drugstore a few weeks ago…

When I saw the Kiss Cosmetics Salon Dip Powder Nail Kit, for only ~$15, I was a little shocked. This was the first time I had seen dip nails so attainable for the average person. We have probably all seen those mesmerizing Instagram nail videos where the nail artist dips the nails into powder and then all of a sudden, the nails are shiny, covered in pearls, diamonds, and beautiful designs. Up till now, dip powder nails seemed so complicated and restricted just for the nail salon. Being able to create beautiful nails with dip powder at home piqued my interest and I thought I would give it a go.


For those that don’t know, dip powder nails are created by layering finely-milled acrylic powder to “build” the nail color. Then the nail is coated in a clear polish to create shiny, beautiful nails. The Kiss Salon Dip Color System Kit works in the same way as many other dip powder systems and similar to gel polish, these nails are meant to last longer than traditional polish.

The Kiss Salon Dip Color Kit comes with one dip powder in peachy nude and all the necessary materials: Base Gel, Activator, Top Gel, Brush Softener, a dip tray, small sponge, a nail file, and a few replacement brushes. Other than the color provided in the kit, there are 5 other Kiss colors you can purchase separately for about $7. This kit does not require a UV lamp which is a huge bonus.


Now that we got that covered, lets get to the nitty-gritty, how do we use it??? There are 10 steps:

  1. Apply Base Gel
  2. Dip the nail into powder to fully coat
  3. Repeat for all nails
  4. Dust powder off (with sponge or paper towel)
  5. Repeat steps 2-5 two more times to get 3 layers of powder
  6. Apply Activator
  7. File and shape the tops and the tips of the nails
  8. Dust off
  9. Apply Activator
  10. Apply 2 layers of Top Gel and let dry for 5-10 mins

They may seem overwhelming at first but after 2 or 3 tries, it is easy to get the hang of it.

I have used this system for the last month and a half and in that time I have learned a trick or two.

  • First things first, the powder and the Base Gel smell quite bad. Make sure not to put your face too close to the powder to avoid breathing it in. These are chemicals, but in my opinion, they are safe enough to use every once in a while.
  • Next, make sure to put a few layers of paper towels or a placemat where you do your nails because the powder gets everywhere!
  • Unlike nail polish, this technique takes a long time (~1hr). I usually play a show while I work!
  • I always start the process by applying lotion to hands and nails about an hour before I plan to do them, to help moisturize the nails. You can also use cuticle oil.


  • When I first started doing the dip powder, some of my nails would come out uneven and lumpy. I haven’t quite figured out why. But I did get better with more practice. I found that the key to salon quality nails is to take the time to file and buff all of your nails.
  • I also recommend doing 3 layers of the dip powder, because in my experience they last longer and don’t chip. Overall, I have had the nails last anywhere from 7-14 days.
  • To remove the dip nails, Kiss recommends you file off the top layer and soak it in acetone. I usually wait till they start coming up from my natural nails and I gently pop them off with a nail file. I know not the best way, but it works for me.
  • This method does leave your nails a bit flaky, however because the polish is so hard, I find my nails will grow out longer and the dip powder does a good job preventing nail breakage.

Overall, I have been absolutely in love with doing dip powder nails. They look salon quality with a high shine. Best of all there is minimal chipping during the wear time so they will look great until you are ready to redo them. I really don’t think I will be going back to nail polish any time soon!


Disclaimer: I am not a professional nail technician. All of the statements are my thoughts and opinions. If you are unsure about the use of this product please read the instruction manual and refer to your nail technician.


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    1. Hi Olivia, thank you for contacting me. And I am sorry to hear that you couldn’t locate my email on my blog, but thanks for making me aware of the issue. I love the idea of a collaboration. I will be in touch with you soon!


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