Online Shopping Tool Kit

It’s the start of a new year! That means new resolutions, new dreams, and new fashions. What better way to achieve those goals then getting the items you need at your door. These days online shopping is part of the everyday lifestyle. Who else doesn’t say “I’ll just get it on Amazon”. Well in the days of online shopping, I think it is important to shop smart while still saving money. Navigating online shopping can sometimes be tricky, because there just as many scams as there are coupon codes. As a self-proclaimed professional shopper, I have collected the right tools for the job. Today, I am sharing with you my guide for online shopping!

The Tools to Help You Save

#1 Honey is a web plugin, that looks through tons of coupon codes and find the one that will save you the most cash! Then it automatically adds it to your cart! So easy. I always check it when I shop online, even when website post coupon code on their page, you just never know. I works on most websites, including Amazon.e8ef8bce-c038-46ea-8af9-50bc264ae9e0.jpeg

#2 Student discounts: Student Beans & UNiDAYS. These are two portals that you can sign up for as a student (or if you just have a university email). They give you an extra percent off your purchase from places like ASOS or Gym Shark.

#3 Lusting after an expensive piece? Shoptagr is the right tool for you. It is a website/ plugin similar to Pinterest, where you can save items and then Shoptagr will then notify you when the item goes on sale or comes back in stock. Its great if you are saving up for an expensive item like a new camera or a fabulous handbag!

Traps to Avoid

#4 Avoid online Subscription websites. I fell into the trap myself a few years back when I joined JustFab. They had great deals for first time buys, but the catch was that if you didn’t buy an item that month, they would still charge you the fee (unless you manually “skip”). These websites also make it a huge pain to cancel the subscription. I have a blog post here all about my JustFab experience.  Unless you are absolutely sure you want to pay their monthly “fee” for the items just stay away.672ccbd3-639c-4538-a041-77ef6f151f73.jpeg60610f7d-bc5b-402f-8d81-6ddfcd46807a

#5 Websites with constant sales. Some companies will constantly run various promotions, or have an array of items on sale at any given time. Now this is not to say these companies are bad or malicious. In fact, I shop at a number of retailers like Wayfair or Shein that use this marketing strategy. However that is important to keep in mind is that you may not actually be getting a great deal on these “sale” items. These retailers will often fluctuate the original prices and then mark them down. Falling for these traps can easily result in over spending or purchasing items you may not really want. The best way to spot these websites is to get acquainted with the prices of their inventory and then check back every once in a while to see how much the sale items cost.

#6 Check the shipping and returns policies. This one is a no brainer, but I seriously hate paying for shipping when you don’t have to pay that fee in stores. Which is why I love shopping at places with free shipping policies. Shipping fees are something to keep in mind when shopping around. Sometimes the additional shipping fee may deter me from buy a certain item. The way I see it, if the shipping costs less than 10% of the total it is worth it, otherwise I wait till their free shipping sales. I also think it is equally important to check out retailers return policies especially if you are unsure of the item. 9e6ea93c-6a8f-4f09-9350-219f8a77f153

Tips for Buying Clothing

#7 When purchasing clothing items online, I stick to silhouettes that suit me. This way I am more likely to buy items that will look good on me. While browsing, I try to image what a certain shirt or dress would look like on me to help me evaluate if I should buy it. Trying on different silhouettes in stores can help you get an idea of what will look best on you when purchasing clothing online.

#8 I believe that after fit, fabric is the most important thing when buying apparel. It can be difficult to tell the quality of a fabric from the images and the descriptions can be limited. A trick I use is to look carefully at the model to see how the fabric sits on her. Are there wrinkles or certain sheen that can indicate a certain material? Reading the reviews, if available, is also a helpful place to see what others thought about the fabric.

These are my top tips when shopping online and I hope they help you be a smart shopper while buying some fabulous outfits! Here is to an amazing wardrobe in 2019!

(You can find the links to the websites mentioned by clicking on the red words)



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