The Perfect White Boyfriend Jeans


Ok ok, so they aren’t exactly my boyfriend’s jeans. But they are the next best thing. Let me start from the beginning. I don’t know if you are like me, but when I get an idea in my head I start obsessing over it until I can make it become a reality. So, when I saw Lydia Elise Millen styling the perfect pair of white jeans I knew I had to have them. They were made of thick, non-stretch denim with a casual straight fit and a raw hem. One small caveat, they were over $200. Um, no thanks.

RE/DONE Originals High-Rise Ankle Crop frayed skinny jeans ($200)

I had been looking for a pair of white jeans for a few years now, but this time I was set on getting them. However, all of the jeans I found in my budget were too tight and the material was too thin, which made them look very odd on my legs. After trying on a few dozen white jeans on my search for the perfect pair I realized something. Women’s jeans are just filled with spandex, viscose, elastane, and everything but real denim (or cotton). Sure, they fit nice and snug on our legs, but they stretch out so easily and they don’t have that lovely ridged denim texture anymore.

One day I was at Target with my boyfriend wondering around the aisles, because as the saying goes “No one goes to Target because they need something, you let Target tell you what you need”. I found myself in the women’s clothing section (I know, what a suprise) I realized that none of those jeans would give me the look that I was searching after. I kept walking and I found my boyfriend in the men’s department shopping for jeans. All of the men’s jeans were rigid and exactly what I wanted. Some of the sale jeans were 99% cotton and less than $10 too (that’s a sale of $190).  It made me so frustrated that I would have to pay exorbitant amount of money to get the same quality.

As my boyfriend tried on a pair of off-white colored denim at Target, a new idea struck. Boyfriend jeans! I could literally wear my boyfriend’s jeans! Half-jokingly I tried on a pair of the off-white men’s jeans, the twin to the jeans my boyfriend was modeling. I had expected them to fit like your traditional boyfriend cut jeans, but I was happily wrong. They fit perfectly! High wasted, straight leg with a relaxed fit, and rigid denim. The beautiful denim of my dreams. A plan quickly began to form! I would buy these jeans for myself and do a little DIY project to turn $10 jeans into $200 ones!

I took just a few easy steps to make my perfect pair of white jeans:

1) First thing I did was find the right size of the men’s jeans for me. The waist size is similar to women’s, which made it easier. The shortest jeans were still too long on me did not matter since I was planning on cutting them anyway.IMG_7146


2) The next step was to bleach them white. Their original color was off-white, almost an oatmeal color. Which was nice but not the look I was going for. I put the jeans in a bucket with hot water and bleach. I pushed the jeans around in the water with a stick and then let them sit. After 30 mins I check the color of the jeans and replaced the water with more hot water and bleach. I let that sit for another 50 mins, after which the jeans were a crisp white!


3) Next I threw the jeans in the washer and dryer. The denim came out feeling softer, almost like thick linen, which I simply adored.

4) Finally, it was time to create the raw helm. I decided the length I was going to cut them by trying them on with both heels and flats. Afterwards, I turned the jeans inside out to measure 7 cm all the way around the leg of the pant from the bottom and cut the jeans following my guideline. I decided not to fray them myself and just let them get naturally frayed from wear.


5) The last step was to style them with absolutely everything! Because everything goes with white.

This is the story of how got my perfect pair of white “boyfriend’s” jeans. Now my boyfriend and I have the exact same pair of jeans, expect mine are white. Who do you think wore them better?


I would love to see any of your denim DIYs, you can tag me on Instagram @gradperspective. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on the difference in price and quality of men’s and women’s jeans?

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