Spring Style in Pastels!

Its almost spring! Although it doesn’t feel like that for most of us on the east coast. The thought of spring is making me want replace all my coats, scarves, and knitwear for some pretty pastels. Generally, I change up my style between winter and summer. In the winter, I go for structure and edge with lots of black and grey, but in the summer, I have a more feminine style with beach vibes. Most of my wardrobe is a collection I have accumulated over several years. I think your wardrobe should be multifunctional with pieces you can wear with different looks. I wanted to bring you some of my tips and inspiration for your spring outfits. One of the recurring trends for spring is pastels, so this lookbook is all inspired by pastels!

The Trench Coat

It took me a long time to get a trench coat, but last summer I found this one while on my trip to Germany. It was a bit pricey, but it has been one of the best 5 purchases of 2017. It is so multifunctional! I wore it in the fall, winter, and now spring. If you were thinking of getting one, I would highly recommend one. The “soft-fabric” ones are very popular this year, similar to the one I have**.

Look 1: Beige and Brown

I think pairing items in a similar color-story is so chic. The turtle-neck sweater with the trench coat looks sophisticated. The pointed-toe booties make the outfit modern and cool.

DSC08416 (2)DSC08468 (2)DSC08426 (2)

Look 2: Pastel Pants and Pastel Shoes

I might be alone in this, but I love matching my pants to my shoes, haha. Here is a great example of how you can incorporate pastels through your pants and shoes. The white top matches very well with the mint green. The lace detail in the neckline transforms this top from a plain shirt into a style one. This look is so Spring!

Pro-tip: Don’t have a trench coat? No sweat, you can style similar outfits with any long cardigan or sweater.

DSC08963 (2)DSC08981 (2)

Re-wear Winter Sweaters

You don’t have to completely disregard your winter wardrobe when spring comes around. I try to use my pieces for as many seasons as possible. Also, in some places it might still be chilly late into spring, but you can still wear your winter sweaters and feel like you are stylish for spring.

Look 3: Pink Sweaters for Spring

Combine your light-colored sweaters, such as this pastel pink V-neck, with light-wash jeans and slip-on sneakers instead of boots. The sweater will keep you warm and the overall color story will be spring inspired.

Pro-tip: Its doesn’t have to be complicated to look good. Keep it simple, jeans and a sweater, then complete the outfit with simple accessories like a pair of earrings.

DSC08693 (2)DSC08714 (2)DSC08690 (2)

Day Wear to Conference Wear

I have to give credit for this one to Lydia Elise Millen. She is a U.K. blogger and one of my fashion inspirations. She recently talked about getting dressed up and wearing dress pants while working from home to make her feel more productive. I loved the idea of incorporating dress pants into a more casual look so much so, that after watching her video I went and bought a pair of H&M slacks. They are ankle length and in between a slim-fit and straight-leg cut. I am going to show you how you can style dress pants for a more casual look you can wear to class and how you can dress them up for a conference.

Look 4: Smart Casual

I have paired the dress pants with a lilac t-shirt, which is very on trend this season. To stay warm, I have thrown on a cardigan in a neutral tone. To dress it down further, I have paired the whole look with slip-on sneakers.

DSC08727 - Copy (2)DSC08800 (2)DSC08793 (2)

Look 5: Boss Babe

In most science conferences I have been too you can easily get away without a suit (I have seen people show up in shorts, haha). However, you still want to look professional. Since these particular slacks are cropped and are not tight on the legs, I decided to put on a well-fitting blazer. This blazer hits me right at the hips which gives me a nice shape. To give the outfit a feminine and spring time look, I wore a light pink blouse with a bow collar. This outfit makes me feel like such as boss! Can’t wait to wear it for my upcoming conferences.

DSC08825 (2)DSC08886 (2)DSC08903 (2)DSC08836 (2)

Day to Date

Everyone loves a little leather and lace! I think they are a perfect combination of feminine and edgy to help me transition from my winter to summer style.

Look 6 & 7: Leather and Lace

What is easier to put together than a nice blouse and a pair of jeans. Throw a leather jacket on top and voila! You have yourself a fabulous outfit. The key to making these sorts of outfits look effortless is by having a great shirt. I think the lace detail and the neckline make it unique and stylish. This is also a great example of how easy it is to transform an outfit from school day to date night. All I did was change the Gucci inspired sneakers to a pair of Steve Madden velvet booties. Now I am ready for some yummy drinks and weekend fun!

DSC08500 (2)DSC08565 (2)DSC08559 (2)DSC08586 (2)DSC08558 (2)DSC08604 (2)DSC08613 (2)

Hope this blog post gave you some inspiration for how you can style outfits for spring and rework items from your wardrobe for new looks. Let me know which looks are your favorite!

For more style inspo, check out my other blog posts where I feature various outfits or follow me on Instagram!

(In case you were curious, I took over 600 photos the day I did this DIY photoshoot. And that was between charging my camera, because I had less than 8% battery the whole time. Even I am impressed with myself.)

DSC08470 (2)



3 thoughts on “Spring Style in Pastels!

  1. I’m in love with the trench coat and Look 5! Your style is amazing and I already feel inspired to make a spring wardrobe. I can relate with it not feeling like spring though – over here we’ve had snow twice!


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