A Pumpkin that Turned into a Pumpkin Pie at the Stroke of Midnight

DSC06382_2I have been obsessed with all things pumpkin spice this fall season and going into December (yes, Starbucks, I have fallen into your trap). I have been buying everything from PS cereal, oatmeal, and bread. My recent discovery was PS ground coffee from Starbucks, it’s delicious! I also really enjoy pumpkin pie which is another thing filled with those yummy spices.

I just so happen to have a pumpkin that I hand selected from a pumpkin patch not too long ago sitting on my table. Well, I thought what would make a pumpkin pie more special than if was made from a pumpkin I picked myself! However, the trouble began quickly when I found it nearly impossible to split open the pumpkin. I had to get my boyfriend to basically chop it up into piece so we could boil them. It only took about 30 mins of boiling the pumpkin to get it soft so the shell of the pumpkin could be easily separated from the meat.


For the rest of the pie, I used a recipe from Pinterest.

I made a few modifications to the recipe and I think they worked! The main change was that instead of evaporated milk, I used almond milk creamer because it is lactose-free and thicker than regular almond milk. Also, instead of light brown sugar I used dark brown sugar, because well, that is what I had and I only added ¾ of a cup due to theDSC06515 sweetness from the creamer. The custard mix ended up quite liquidy but that was likely due to a high water content in my pumpkin puree. I poured in the custard into a Kroger brand deep-dish pie crust and baked it close to 1.5 hours (I suggest keeping an eye on it). And if you were wondering, yes I did take the pie out of the oven at midnight, but instead of a pumpkin it turned into a beautiful pumpkin pie.

The final result: Oh boy did it taste good and it was so rewarding making my own pumpkin puree and pie! Although as a future note, I will probably just stick to pumpkin puree.




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