“Hello World” and Hello to The Graduate Perspective


I am so excited to announce the start of this blog! I have been wanting to start this blog for some time and today is the day it comes to life. The Graduate Perspective is your source for how to get through grad school while balancing home and personal life (and doing it with style). I want to begin telling you a bit about me and why I am starting this blog.

About Me

Two years ago I finished my undergraduate and started as a PhD student in the engineering field. Having finished three semesters of graduate school, I have learned and grown immensely from my experience. Graduate school is a very unique experience for everyone and is nothing like the undergraduate years. I am at a point where I am just starting to feel like I’ve uncovered the secrets on how to navigate this journey towards my doctorate degree. I am really excited to share them with you and see where this next chapter will take me.

summer_bluebackground     Aside from school, I love being creative whether it’s crafting, drawing, painting, and yes, doing makeup. Also, if you know me, I love fashion. I like to keep up with the latest fashion trends (even though it can be tight on a grad school budget). Overall, I would consider myself a well rounded person with a strong passion for research and innovation, propelled by creativity in my home and personal life.

Why Start a Blog?

Looking back to a year and a half ago I had so many questions and uncertainties. Graduate school comes with its own particular set of challenges that others outside of academia wouldn’t understand or relate to. Back then I wish that I had someone who had been there before and could show me the way.

This blog is my way of giving back and being that experienced friend to others. I want this blog to be a journal of the lessons I have learned and continue to learn throughout my journey.

What is it about?

At its core, this blog is about my journey. How I plan on getting through graduate school while keeping my sanity, leading a healthy and happy life, and finding the way post-college as an independent adult. Specific topics I plan on covering:

  1. Tips on how to make the most of grad school. Due to my background, this may be more applicable for anyone in the science, technology, and engineering fields. However, I will do my best to make it well balanced.
  2. Grad, home, and personal life balance. How to make time for everything when you have time for nothing. How to find personal fulfillment and happiness in your career and at home.
  3. Self-care: body, soul, and mind. Being healthy and feeling good about yourself. Finding joy in everyday life.
  4. Expressing yourself through fashion and beauty. I wanted to include this as part of this blog, because this is a passion of mine and it excites me. I hope it will excite you too.


While there might already be blogs on some or all of these topics, none of them is my story. Follow me on my path to looking good, feeling energized, enjoying life while succeeding as a graduate student, and making the most of the next stage in life. Graduate school should not just be a pause on your life but another stage for you to grow and excel in every part of your life!

– S


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